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Introducing Shellie Richie:

Dedicated Head MA/Nurse with a Passion for Patient Care

We are delighted to introduce Shellie, our highly skilled and compassionate Head MA/Nurse in the back office at our family practice hospital. With a strong commitment to providing exceptional care, Shellie is currently pursuing her LVN/RN nursing degree, further enhancing her expertise and knowledge.

Shellie brings a wealth of experience to our team, coupled with a genuine dedication to the well-being of our patients. Beyond her medical proficiency, Shellie possesses a diverse range of interests that enrich her interactions with patients and make her an outstanding addition to our practice.

With a love for the arts and nature, Shellie finds joy in exploring adventurous experiences and appreciating the wonders of the world. As a mother of two, she understands the importance of family and extends her nurturing spirit to every patient she encounters.

Shellie’s unique passions extend beyond the medical field. She has a deep fascination with reptiles and proudly cares for two snakes and a geko. In addition, she has embraced entrepreneurship by establishing her own natural aroma therapy/cosmetic business. Furthermore, Shellie showcases her artistic talents through her involvement in entertainment films and specializes in tattoo artistry.

We encourage you to connect with our remarkable MA, Shellie, for any inquiries or questions you may have. Her unwavering commitment to patient care and her diverse range of talents make her an invaluable asset to our family practice hospital.

Feel free to contact Shellie for a warm welcome and to experience firsthand the exceptional care she provides to our patients.

Introducing Krystal Carter:

We are thrilled to introduce Krystal Carter, an exceptional and dedicated member of our CHS Front Office Staff at our esteemed family practice hospital. With her extensive qualifications, Krystal brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Originally from Amarillo, Krystal attended Northwest, where she obtained her phlebotomy and IV Therapy certifications. With a deep commitment to patient care, Krystal enjoys interacting with our patients and is available to assist them with various needs, including referrals, prior authorizations, and more.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Krystal is a proud mother of two daughters and a beloved dog. Her warm and caring nature extends to her interactions with patients, making her a valued member of our team.

We encourage you to reach out to Krystal with any concerns, questions, or just to say hello. Her dedication to providing exceptional patient care shines through in every interaction.

Please feel free to connect with Krystal for a warm welcome and to experience firsthand the exceptional care she provides to our esteemed patients.